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Multilingual Education Pilot Program

In August 2024, Journey Global Missions (JGM) will partner with UBB to start two new Multilingual Education Pilot Program (PMB) schools on Rote Island, Indonesia, where the Dela-Oenale language is spoken. This will bring the total of PMP schools that UBB has established in the West Timor Region to 19. The lead Bible translator on the Dela-Oenale team has already translated many of the books needed for first grade. The main challenge that remains is funding for these new schools.


Funding for the entire school year for both new schools is less than $775.00 a month, which includes salaries, transportation teachers, PMB trainers, and classroom cost. Other expenses will include local language materials for Literacy and Christian education, which encompasses books and other resources for the teachers as well as consumable workbooks for all the students.

The Unit Bahasa dan Budaya (UBB) Language and Culture Unit is located in Kupang, Indonesia. UBB works closely with local churches with the assistance of a lingual professor, an anthropologist, and literacy education, specialist. Together, they work on translation and literacy projects in 19 Christian schools in the West Timor Region. UBB’s ultimate goal is to teach students how to read God's Word (the translated Scriptures) in their mother tongue. Indonesia has 700 different languages, making up 10% of the world's languages, with many areas having a spoken language but not a written one...


Our partners in Romania, led by Pastor Vasilica Croitor, have been at the forefront of promoting change in the region, working in Medgidia and surrounding villages. With the 11th school year underway, the children continue to gather at the Community Center. Unfortunately, the public schools in the area have many shortcomings and fail to provide a dignifying environment for these kids. Feeling rejected and discouraged, many of them have dropped out of school. For this reason, a project has been initiated to establish an independent school.


Pastor Vasi and his team acquired (a gid) a building that can be transformed into an excellent school. They obtained the necessary permits to commence renovations on the 100-room, 5-story building. Renovating the building and equipping it for students' needs will be a significant investment in the lives of the community. They will receive an education in an environment filled with love, nutrition, safety, and the teachings of the Gospel...

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