Thailand/Myanmar and Dominican Republic



Thailand/Myanmar and Dominican Republic
(Previously in South Africa and Ecuador)

MissionzHeart is a mission support ministry assisting indigenous pastors carry out the Great Commission. We provide personal field-training, mentoring, income- producing projects, micro-loans, and relief...all designed to remove physical obstacles to people hearing the Word. Our main emphasis is teaching believers to obey Jesus by

training, modeling, partnering and practicing with them until they can make disciples who make disciples, multiplying the Kingdom.

  1. We support pastors of Children’s Rescue Homes who rescue, raise, and educate children in Myanmar and Thailand who are at high risk for trafficking by providing sustainable income producing projects and monthly support.
  1. We supply short-term relief food (eggs, oil, rice) to villagers displace by war, COVID, or natural disaster interruption to their ability to work.
  1. We train indigenous pastors and leaders how to make disciples who make disciples, how to baptize and teach Christ’s commands, establish house churches, and multiply the Kingdom.
  1. We provide Sawyer water filters to areas without clean water, which dramatically reduces childhood waterborne disease. With proper backwashing, these filters can clean water for up to 100 people for up to 10 years without filter changes.
  1. We provide micro-loans to deserving pastors in third world countries to establish businesses that help support their families. These loans are repaid and reinvested in other pastors.


Peter and Joan Vaughan
MissionzHeart Missionaries


Peter Vaughan Teaching


Sawyer Water Filters for Thailand and Myanmar

Journey Global Missions

Journey Global Missions was inspired by Paul’s missionary journeys to Asia Minor and Europe which played a crucial role in the formation and development of the First Century Church. Today Journey Global Missions continues to embrace the biblical fundamentals of the early Church by assisting and working with the local Church and those sent and supported by the local Church. Paul’s journey, his inspired teachings and instruction which started in the local Church at Antioch were consistent with Matthew 28: 19-20 when Jesus said: “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to follow all that I commanded you;”


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